Tyres And Tyre Fitting Hebburn and Jarrow

At Mick Abbott Auto Repairs we supply and fit budget, super saver, mid range and top brand tyres. The tyres and tyre fitting Hebburn and Jarrow Specialists.

Our garage has been established on trust and reliability, all you need to do is read our reviews to see the high standards we hold.

Tyres And Tyre Fitting Hebburn and Jarrow

At Mick Abbotts Auto Repairs we supply and fit budget, super saver, mid range and top brand tyres.

Top Brand Tyres – Bridgestone tyres, Continental tyres, Dunlop tyres, Goodyear tyres, Michelin tyres and Pirelli tyres.

Mid Range Tyres – Avon tyres, Firestone tyres and Yokohama tyres.

Budget Tyres – Tigar tyres and Wanli tyres, Rovelo tyres and Westlake tyres.

Super Saver Value Tyres – Autoguard tyres, Aoteli tyres, Fortuna tyres and BCT tyres.

Original Equipment Tyres

We can order in any Original Equipment tyres (O.E.) for most makes and models of cars and vans.

Our experienced mechanics will be able to recommend the best tyre for your vehicle including Alfa Romeo car tyres, Aston Martin car tyres, Bentley car tyres, BMW car tyres, Chrysler car tyres, Citroen car tyres, Fiat car tyres, Ford car tyres, Honda car tyres, Jaguar car tyres, Land Rover tyres, Lexus car tyres, Mazda car tyres, Mercedes car tyres, Mini car tyres, Mitsubishi car tyres, Nissan car tyres, Peugeot car tyres, Porsche car tyres, Renault car tyres, Range Rover tyres, Rover car tyres, Saab car tyres, Subaru car tyres, Toyota car tyres, TVR car tyres, Vauxhall car tyres, Volkswagen car tyres and Volvo car tyres.

What type of tyres to choose?

The tyre you need depends on the kind of car you drive and the type of driving you do. If you drive short distances in and around town on the school run or to the local shops then economy and safety will be a primary concern when choosing a tyre. If you do a lot of motorway driving then low noise, comfort and fuel saving might be factors in helping you find the right tyre. Drivers with luxury cars and sports cars will be interested in high performance tyres, which offer precision handling, excellent traction and manoeuvrability at speed.

Mick Abbott Prices Will Not Be Beaten

We guarantee to be the most affordable option for tyres and tyre fitting anywhere in Hebburn, Jarrow and South Shields.

If you can find the same tyre locally at a lower price  then we will beat that quote.

(Claims are valid against written quotations from any similar retailer excluding trade, internet or wholesale operations or products already on promotion and must relate to the same product, part and manufacturer (including guarantees)).

Tyre Safety

Your tyres are one of the most important components of a vehicle. The tyre tread area making contact with the road is relatively small– only about the size of the palm of your hand – so if your tyres are worn or damaged it can seriously affect your car’s safety and handling. Not only that, if your tyres don’t meet legal requirements, you could face a fine of £2,500 per tyre and 3 penalty points on your licence.

That’s why it’s important to check tyre tread depth, general tyre condition and tyre pressure to ensure your tyres are safe for the roads.

Tread depth must be above the legal minimum of 1.6mm throughout a continuous strip in the centre three quarters of the tread and around the entire tyre circumference.

Tyres must be correctly inflated according to the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations in the vehicle handbook. Over-inflated tyres cause excess wear, shortening tyre life and can result in an uncomfortable ride; under-inflated tyres result in increased fuel consumption and faster wear of the tread shoulders plus increased chance of impact damage.

You should also inspect the general condition of your tyre for any sign of bumps, bulges or cuts which could cause a blow out when driving.

You should always check tyre tread depth, condition and pressure on a monthly basis and before any long journeys, however, if you are concerned you can always pop into the garage and ask for some advice.

Tyres in Hebburn and Jarrow

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The business has been established on trust and reliability, all you need to do is read our reviews to see the high standards we hold.

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